Holiday Party Tray for 40

What will you serve for dessert at your Christmas party? Try our Christmas Party Assortments and worry no more! Feed a group of 30 people with this delicious 14 dozen assortment. This assortment includes:

  • 2dozen of our famous cookies 
  • 2 dozen Christmas cutouts 
  • 2 dozen black bottom coconut macaroons 
  • 2 dozen pecan tassies 
  • 2 dozen anise pizzelles 
  • 2 lb of butterballs

Approximately 4 cookies per person. For our local customers, this assortment comes on a beautiful heavy tin tray with a lid. For our out of town customers, this assortment will come boxed and ready for you to arrange on your favorite holiday tray.  Order early as we cannot guarantee item availability after December 17th.


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